CX500 Trike building

By Andy the stuff doer

I’ve not posted much on this (yet), its one of those “hobby” iDoStuff projects, something that’s just happening in my spare time. One one those projects with very little ~(only £20 pound 30$ ish / euro pressure)~ and of course an immeasureable amount of a sportsman’s bet. Is there any better motivation?

As of November 2012 its a runner! Ready to face all the officialdom, all the testing (MSVA) paper work (DVLA) so I get it registered, MOT’d and taxed.  This has proved a bit of sticking point as I can’t do all this in the odd few hours in an evening. But I’m pushing it now and have made the first step to get a VIN number (required because it’s a new vehicle). This involved visiting the local DVLA office,filling out some forms that wern’t really fit for the job, then getting an appointment for another visit when the inspector was there.

A week later I made the second trip this time with the trike in tow, on the reconfigured trailer tent chassis. After a short wait the inspector called me out to have a look. A very sensible chap he was, not worrying about the engine number matching the donner bike v5, not asking to see recipts for all new /reused parts. He took notes on serial numbers he could see, took a few photos had a pleasant chat and told me the new VIN number would be in the post.

Trike on trike trailer

Trike on the trailer ready for the first trip to the DVLA

The rest of the write up and details will be on the iDoStuff site, when I’ve got minute, CX500 Trike build pages starts here, but in the mean time: Please leave any questions, comments or suggestions here. Cheers.

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  1. As Promised the New VIN Number arrived in the post. It’s now stamped on the headstock ready for step 2 of the legal stuff THE MSVA..

  2. hi really like the trike , I’ve got an old xj750 that i’m just about to trike so looking for idea’s and found your cx500 like the way you kept it low at the back for the kids and that’s the sort of thing i would like to do with mine ,don’t suppose you got any drawings or plans that you could send me so i could get some idea’s from.

    thanks all the best

    west sussex

  3. Hi Tony,
    Apologies for the late response, I’m up to my eyes in stuff at the moment. It’s on the list, but it’s going to be while yet.

  4. hello,
    i found ur site while looking for help to convert an 82 cx500 to a trike for my wife who is now too weak to ride a bike due to illness, fortunately she is recovering…………..i see people have asked for plans etc and i do like the way youve build your frame etc, vey nice, id like to do one the same, and pics you could share, dimensions etc?
    im also very interested in the driveshaft setup, connecting to existing outlet at motor?…….we dont have reliant diffs to use here so il probablly have to use something a little heavier, how does the motor and clutch handle the extra weight to rotate etc?
    any help would be of great help….thanks


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