Beam Transport to Whitby

By Andy the stuff doer

A bit of background:  The Whitby Cottage renovation /restoration needs a new beam to support the bathroom floor, (read Whitby Cottage Floor in Need of Support), how it’s lasted as long as it has with a cast iron bath in up there I don’t know. 

The plan to make new, additional beam with a column in the middle made sense.  Approximately 8hrs. up in the woods and we had hand hewn a beam and column from a larch tree.  (read the full Hand Hewing with froe, axe and adze story).

This left me with two large, heavy pieces of timber to transport out of the woods, down a soggy field and then 120 miles to Whitby.

The first part of this job was easy, leave them for three months to season, dry out a bit so they would be lighter to handle.   For the next bit of the journey out of the woods and down the field I gave up trying to think of clever solutions and used muscle power instead.   My son earned his dinner that day!

Last Week I had a  Trike Trailer, this week it’s a bespoke beam trailer.  It took a ladder,  a step ladder some rope and many tie down straps.  Looking rather precarious but actually very stable, the load was ready for the trip to the Whitby Cottage.

5.3 meter timber beam loade on trailer

Trailer loaded with 5.3m timber beam plus the 50m of skirting board

The rain held off for journey but the high winds over the Yorkshire Moors where getting worrying.  But safe and sound the complete load made it to within 30 metres of the cottage.  The road is too narrow to park any closer. The whole lot had to be carried the last bit of the way, I wished my assistant was there to help.  My Measurement where about right and I managed to manoeuvre the beam in to the passage way with out holding the traffic up for very long.

Beam transported on trailer to Cliff Street, Whitby

Beam for the Cottage parked up on Cliff Street Whitby


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