Two Wheel Tractor Working

By Andy the stuff doer

It’s finished.

(first part posted

The tractor couples up to the trailer with a tow ball. I had to extend the trailer towing arm to give my a bit more room to stand.

A brace stops it from bending down at the joint but with a ball joint at one and hinge at the other it allows flexibility in all other directions.

The only other addition to the trailer is a small platform.


It’s heavy on the steering but I expected that as there is no differential.  The next trial will be up at the woods with a load of  logs in the trailer.

2 Responses to “Two Wheel Tractor Working”

  1. Hi Andy
    Waooooh what a machine! What an inovative idea to reverse the clutch leaver. Nice welding. Quite a few problems worked out in such a short time. Great fun and excitement too. This will be interesting. You could fit Knobbly tyres. Enjoyed the professionaly shot video.
    Looks like you’ve kept all your old bikes in that shed.
    No doubt you will be preparing that oak tree for some furniture.
    Very interesting indeed.

  2. Cheers Gordon,
    It is great fun. I’ve shifted the first trailer load of logs out of the woods with it now. I need to build a bridge across a drainage ditch so I get it in further. Knobbleis would be good but I’ve not got any in my “scrapheap” and the idea was not to spend any money on it. I’m going to try “snow/mud chains”.
    The oak tree needs milling, so that’s another job, making some sort of portable chainsaw mill.
    PS. The better half is starting on the door windows, design sorted, glass, came and tools all bought. I’ll post progress.


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