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Captions and borders on WordPress Images

Just a quick one. The Theme I’m using must be from the dark ages, it hasn’t got the code in the CSS to format the border and caption to images inserted in to a post. A quick search, and I found Easy to follow  instructions.  Just copy the code, from the Kubrick theme, and paste […]

WordPress Theme – AdWords ready ?

Oh Yes! Of course I want my Wordpress theme to be AdWords and Widget ready. But hang-on what does it actually mean.

WordPress Themes – Diving into CSS

My advise on this would be – “Find a well coded theme to start learning on”

WordPress Themes – basics from square one

What’s a Theme? The theme defines how the blog looks, its the page design that then calls up the content from the entries made in the database.

Extra Tackle – First Widget “Ultimate Google Analytics”

I’m quite pleased with myself. I’ve manged to get google analytics to work on this WordPress blog. I’ve used google analytics for almost a year, tracking my blogger blogs, my photography website and some of my clients sites.  By recording the number of hits and logging  where the traffic comes, it give the insight required to […]

Acclimatising at Base Camp – Learning how to make a Website

I’m going to hang around at base camp for while, getting used to atmosphere of Web World and practicing with the software /equipment. In the mean time I’ll be building up my writing stamina and technique. It’s going to take some time but I’m hopeful you’ll see the improvement over time.  I’ve got plenty content to get […]

Equipment at Base Camp, 4. Adobe Dreamweaver

“What I’ve got, how I choose it, how I got it, why I think I need it and what I know about how to use it” I’ve got Dreamweaver- “Probably the best web design software in World” please can someone define what “best” in this context means? how I choose it and how I got it – I’ll […]

Equipment at Base Camp, 3. WordPress

“What I’ve got, how I choose it, how I got it, why I think I need it and what I know about how to use it” WOW, this WordPress is something that ticks my boxes Why I think I need it– Briefly touched on in the previous post, in more detail. Blogging gives the interactivity that I think I […]

Equipment at Base Camp, 2. Web Space, Hosting

What I know about how to use this hosting package – 99% next to nothing.
” A fool and his money are easy to part ” hey ho, I might as well stand on my head and tell a few jokes while I’m at it.

Catch Up! – equipment at Base Camp, 1. Domain name , my domain! In this domain I’m the all powerful ruler