Loft – Attic eaves cupboard

By Andy the stuff doer

The previous posts show the insulation that went behind the other dwarf walls in the attic. These contained plumbing and ventilation ducts so the space was unusable.  There is one wall in the attic that did have some useful space available.

The cottage now has a fully insulated roof so just putting a door in to the space behind the wall wouldn’t be a good idea.  For a start it would be a gap in the insulation and it would be a magnet for condensation build up.  The cupboard space had to be fully insulated and vapour proof.

Attic cupboard Insulation

Insulation and vapour barrier to attic eaves cupboard

It took lots of fiddly work with the kingspan / celotex / balytherm to ensure  neither the insulation or vapour barrier where breached.  Behind the green polythene barrier is rock wool type insulation.  All the joints are either taped or sealed with silicone. Where wires come through the electrical back boxes will be sealed when the sockets are finally fitted.

The Inside of the cupboard then had a layer of plaster board screwed on and I even gave it a coat of paint before I clad the wall.  At this stage I had run out of old panelling to re-cycle so I had some new stuff aclimatising  to reduce contraction before it went on.

Attic dwarf wall clad in timber

Attic dwarf wall clad in timber

The door was originally on a cupboard in the inglenook downstairs and even there it was recycled from somewhere else. So its now in it’s third reincarnation, it’s worth keeping hold of these bits and bobs as you never know where they might fit.

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