Fitting Flexible Flue Liners For Stoves

By Andy the stuff doer

The full flue liner article starts here and the video is on this page

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Note: I’m currently looking in to, what problems might be caused by not sealing the top of the liner to the plate. So keep checking back, leave a comment below (wordpress should be able to email you when I’ve added to this post) or join us on facebook for updates. 


Chimney pots refitted
Chimney pots all straight now

v s to whitbyYou’ll see from the previous Chimney Jenga Post that our chimney stacks have shifted a little. This occurred quite a while ago, probably pre Victoria if the construction of the wall built to hide it is a guide. Now the scaffolding is up Stuff Doer has discovered a rather cheeky effect on the chimney pots that we had been unaware of. The five foot high pots have been giving the “Vs” to Whitby for years. You’ll be pleased to hear our cottage is now more respectful of it’s surroundings since the builders have been up and installed the liners and re-sited the pots. How the Stuff Doer got those photos is beyond me. He’s not allowed on the roof!!!


10 Responses to “Fitting Flexible Flue Liners For Stoves”

  1. Hmm, I’ve also noticed the gratuitous “view” shots on the video. For builders they make bloomin good cameramen!!!

  2. Having watched your video with much interest, I am contemplating installing a flue liner for a wood burner myself. I live up North, Sale, and would like to pass a little info to anyone attempting to install a wood burner themselves in this area. For the privilege of doing said work my self, the local council require a fee of £405.52p how they can justify this is beyond me. So, people from Sale beware, the council is out to bleed you.

  3. Hi Len, That is absolutely outrageous!! It could be worth having a look at what other councils charge. I had around £160 in my head. And then challenge their price.

  4. Great video & interesting article.

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for the informative descripts and vids. Have you put together the info for fitting register/closure plate? very keen to see this.

  6. Hi Antony, Appologies for the late reply. They are in the pipeline.

  7. Hi, Thank you for a very informative video. I live in a bungaloe with strtaight chimney lined with round teracotta liners..there is no register plate, can i fix the flexible liner directly from thr pot on the chimney to the stove. ….is a register plate necessary?
    Thanks a lot,

    Brian J.

  8. 12 years since we fitted a 6″ flexible twin wall s/s liner to our chimney for our wood-burner. We had put in 9″ clay liners when we built the house, but put s/s flexi-liner in for belt-n-braces approach, and better draw on fire. Pulled liner up, used pot-top hanger fixing, with no insulation, cowl on top to keep rain out and stop downdraft from nearby trees (when wind comes over them it drops down toward the chimney). We left an airway from register plate up thru chimney which has kept it dry and aired between s/s flexi & clay liners – never been any trouble. We wouldn’t be without our woody.

  9. Hi James, Sounds like a good job you did there should give you many more years of trouble free burning.

  10. Apologies for the late reply,

    It may be that you don’t need an additional liner at all. If the existing teracotta liner is in good condition you should be able to connect directly to it. Although liner may may improve the draw through the stove as the flue would not take so long to warm up (only a small benefit). When using a liner the register is only needed to keep the warm air in room and to stop old soot and debris falling down.


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