Whitby Holiday Cottage progress Tour

By Andy the stuff doer

See the “ONE Year On” progress report video here.

We’ve had lots of interest in our little cottage project, both on here and people physically walking past the cottage and being given a tour. So, one year on , here’s an update on our progress so far.

 We’re hopeful to have a further video of the finished project in the not too distant future, how’s that for wishful thinking.  In the meantime “like” us on Facebook for progress updates. And as ever we welcome your comments, questions and suggestions, just add them below.  

One year on Whitby Cotage progress report video (still)
View the full Progress Report Video on the main website

Click here for the Video on the main iDoStuff site

2 Responses to “Whitby Holiday Cottage progress Tour”

  1. I can’t say enough about how you and your videos have helped me, I have a grade II listed money pit, six rooms renovated and then I finished the main bedroom just before xmas (a major task) but I struggled to move onto the next room, I have watched many videos on YT but yours have reinvigorated me, the day after watching your 3rd restoration video I was off, the next room on the list was the one I have had the most ear bashing about so carpet up, screed? I will tap it I thought and see, underneath about an inch and a half of cement based material I found the yellow floor bricks and then it all came back to me, Thanks a million. Oh and just a quick one, you routed your skirting with a Bit I couldn’t find could you let me know where it came from, cheers.

  2. Sorry I missed your comment (I get so much spam I sometimes miss genuine comments). Great to know you are cracking on with your project. Did I answer the router bit question via Youtube?

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