Cottage bits home to work on

By Andy the stuff doer

I’m up at the cottage most weekends and working on the day job through the week. In the search for more time that leaves me with weekday nights.  I spent a while on the copper radiator but with that out of the way there’s a few other things I could be getting on with.

The Wash House window, a small sliding sash. Is a perfect example of how any window, no matter what the state, can be rebuilt or repaired.  It is now in the workshop/garage ready for some “extreme” DIY repairs.

Sliding sash window almost deralict

Sliding sash window almost derelict but it can be repaired / rebuilt

The old outside toilet cistern hasn’t had any water in ever since the old lead piping was cut  off many years ago.  After getting a blow torch on the nut securing the flush pipe it was easy to lift off and bring home.
lead lined wooden toilet cistern "JAP-KAP"

All it needed was a new pin in linkage to get the toilet cistern flushing again

A water tightness test and a very easy fix on the flushing linkage revealed it’s in good order  so just needs stripping,  cleaning up, the iron painting and  a filling ball cock adding.  Not take me two minutes.
So with some time to spare!! I came up with a plan. We wanted a high flush toilet in the bathroom as well.  But the modern ones are extremely expensive.  The plan, currently underway, is to make a new cistern.  It’s just a box I’m making out of re-cycled mahogany, which I couldn’t resist making with dovetails at least to the front.  This will be fibreglass lined and fitted with modern flushing and filling components.  I’ve also found somewhere that can bend me the required flush pipe in stainless steel.
making a wooden toilet cistern

making a wooden toilet cistern, a simple construction but with dovetails on the front because I haven't done any for ages.

There’s also all the old light switches to clean up and test, scrap metal to sort and furniture to refinish.  Never mind, the telly’s boring anyway.

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