Copper Radiator – Newlyn, Arts and Crafts style

By Andy the stuff doer

We’ve only got one space in the downstairs room of the cottage that is ideal for a radiator. It’s tall and thin, because it’s tall it will be pretty much “in your face” and become a feature in the room. We searched high and low for a suitable radiator, some of the very expensive designer radiators came close but still not quite right.

OK I thought, I’m a designer and I can make stuff so why not give it a go. The only thing against it being the shortage of time but it’ll be fun so I class it at as relaxation time. All materials are from the scrap I’ve been saving up to weigh in plus a bit of left over copper pipe so apart from gas and solder it’s free and fully recycled.

I make referance to Newlyn Copper and Arts and Crafts because it’s beaten copper, the actual design though doesn’t relate to form or decoration, just the material and simalarities in the making  that give it that feel. 

copper radiator

Copper radiator with a Newlyn, Arts and Crafts feel

It’s nearly finished, with just the pipework on the back to finish off.  I’ll post the full details on the website when it’s all done in the mean while here’s the basics:

Copper Radiator design and build

Design to fit the space, transfer as much heat as possible within the build constrains and to look good / interesting in the setting.

So it’s tall and thin with airflow up the back, between the two surfaces and up the front. The design influence is Captain Cook’s Endeavour sailing ship, rather fitting for Whitby.

Copper sheet from two hot water cylinders.

Copper pipe and fittings from left overs and stripping out at the cottage

Back panel beaten from the back to emboss sails and mast

Foremast 32mm and 22mm beaten pipe (narrows for perspective)

Sails with folded and soldered seams

Spacing and heat transfer between back and sails 22mm pipe squashed square

Spacers to back panel riveted and soldered

Spacers to sails soldered (tricky details will be on the main website)

Water system 4 x 10mm pipe soldered to the back (details to maximise heat transfer will be on the main site)

That’s about it, the front will be polished but then left to tarnish and develop it’s own patina.

Home Made Copper radiator details

Home Made Copper radiator showing details for effective heat transfer

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  1. What a cracker idea! Definitely outside the box here, Andy.
    What a great theme to.
    Its giving me ideas.

  2. I’m sure you will have fun with somthing along these lines. It’ll be good to see what you come up with.

  3. Nice, Copper is looking great as a decor here.

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