Whitby Holdiday Cottage Renovation. More probing

By Wendy the Other Half

This is the day we really need to go home. The Stuff Doer needs to do some work (the type he gets paid for). There’s so much more we want to investigate but, hey lets pace ourselves. We’ve cleaned up the worst of the muck and done a couple of dump runs shall we have a tidy up and write some lists?

Not on your life. Someone really needs to follow that beam up into the bedroom above! Oh, and whilst we’re at it lets have a poke around the dividing walls and see where the beams go to.

Well, next to be uncovered is the roof line of the cottage before the brick layer was added. We’ll need to do more research but it looks as though the building could once have been thatched. Again if anyone has any ideas drop us a comment.  (And here for a  more in-depth look at how we’re investigating the building’s history)

Top of timber "A" frame roof structure

Just so no room remains untouched, the old roof timbers see the light of day

The beams (purlins) in the bedroom, which we thought looked a bit odd, turn out to have been clad in plasterboard, plastered over (roughly) and painted brown. This, though, is good news for us as every inch of head height counts as we would really like to put in a passage to properly separate the third bedroom.

Anyway we eventually do a final tidy up and head off home.

We’re desperate to get back. We’ll be there in a couple of weeks with no kids. After all we missed our anniversary few days away (why pay for the flat at Sandsend when we’ll have our own cottage by then!!!) and our Christmas treat was delayed. So instead of a few nice relaxing days on our own, we’ll be working like dogs. Never mind, I am insisting on one night out at The Beach Hotel in Sandsend so we can at least pretend we’ve had a holiday!


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