Whitby Cottage Blog Catchup

By Wendy the Other Half

I realise that I am unable to write up all that happens in the cottage chronologically. I don’t have the time to write an article for every day we are there so I will aspire to blog every visit. For now I will do an overview of what’s been happening there.

We went to Whitby for Goth Weekend at the end of April. Despite camping on a building site, all eight of us (including a toddler) thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was the first time daughter number one and her family had seen it but the toddler summed it up by running to the windows and shouting “Wow”. Sunday was dreadful weather wise, which was a shame for all the people who’d made such an effort with their attire. The weather did explain a few of the problems that the cottage has though, as you’ll have seen, it needs a new roof!

Three Goths and a Gothlet in Whitby

Our very own Goths and a Gothlet ouside the cottage

Now I am, by nature, a “Glass half full” person. I point out to Stuff Doer that we always knew that it was likely that we’d need some professional help at some point. I also point out that the need for a new roof explains most of the problems that the cottage has, for example, the damp patch by the front door and a couple of rotting beams (some of those problems solutions could have been much more disruptive and expensive to fix). It is a bit galling though that it’s one of those things that didn’t get much of a mention on the survey and we just thought it would be a quick fix.

By now we’ve met a few of the neighbours (a lovely lot they are too) and one of them has been able to recommend a good builder. We can see her roof and they’ve made a really good job of it. Simple, get him out to give us a quote. Well you’d think so, but somebody is thinking to himself “I bet I could do that!” I don’t want the Stuff Doer scrambling around our roof and, anyway, Whitby’s picturesque roof tops might not be so pretty if he’s fallen through one! So I gently point out that he’s got far too much on his plate as it is and the roof needs sorting sooner rather than later. Trevor has now had a look at the roof. The general consensus is that we have a good roof that’s been put on badly!

Stuff Doer still has another go and informs me that he doesn’t really like to pay someone to do something that he could do. I point out that it would cost him a lot more to put in a downstairs bathroom and widen the doors in our house if he falls off and he can’t magic any more time out of thin air!

Trevor is replacing the cottage roof in September.

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