Buying a Holiday Cottage, the longed for dream coming to fruition

By Wendy the Other Half

Yaaay! Finally picked up the keys, a good 18 months after viewing said cottage. It’s still as beautiful as when we first discovered it in August 2010.

Now, please bear with me whilst I thank folk who have made our dream come true (our  experience may help you achieve your dream too) Many thanks to Phil at PG Mortgages & Loans. We can’t stress enough that, when in an unusual financial situation (in our case self-employed), it’s really worth spending a little on using a professional to search out a mortgage provider. Stuff Doer spent two days trawling the internet looking at (what we thought) where all the available options. For a few hundred pounds Phil saved us thousands in arrangement fees and failed mortgage applications. I’m sure Stuff doer will go into this in much more detail than I could possibly be interested in, this was area of potential DIY he opted out of.

Also Coventry Building Society for, after seeing the detailed information, being able to see the bigger picture (great if you’re self-employed). I have to say, we couldn’t have wished for a better mortgage provider or their free legal service provided by Fast Track.  It’s loads better than any other company we’ve had the misfortune to deal with! Also big thanks to Bill (DAL), our best ever plumber, who put us on to Phil and encouraged us to proceed with this project. “Go for it, you only live once”.

Whitby Renovation / Holiday Cottage viewed from the front

Diamond in the Rough

So, now to our cottage. It’s a few hundred years old (buildings on the site on 1740 map!) Please have a look here for a  first look at the cottage for a guided tour.

As previously stated, we first viewed the cottage in August 2010, we BOTH fell in love with it (not just me!). As you’ll see, from previous posts, the cottage was removed from sale soon after our first viewing. It went back on the market just before we went on holiday in August 2011. But, obviously, I’ve saluted all the magpies in the right order, and we were able to put in an offer, which was accepted on 17th August 2011.

We finally got the keys on 7th Feb 2012 (we completed on my best mate’s birthday on the 6th)

We’ve worked hard and we’re fortunate to be in the position to appreciate the opportunity we find ourselves with. Not only is it a fascinating project but a beautiful (one day) holiday home and a massive learning curve. We hope you’ll join us on our journey.

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  1. Hi Wendy (and Andy).
    There are so many posts that I could leave this comment on that I thought I may as well do it on your first.
    My better half and I seem to be in a similar boat to you, in that we’ve been attempting to renovate our Victorian Gamekeeper’s lodge for the past six months or so. The main difference is that we’re a lot less informed and a lot less handy than you are!
    It seems that I’m going to be spending a great deal of time reading your blog for hints and tips as we progress, so I thought I should at least thank you in advance for the things I’m about to learn from you.
    If you get a moment please take a gander at our own blog – – and if there’s any advice you can give based on your own experiences please, please, please leave a comment or two, especially if it’l stop us cocking things up!
    Muz (and Dawn)

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