Trying to do your own stuff – Stained Glass

By Wendy the Other Half

( A Brief introduction to How to make stained glass panels, coloured glass and leaded panels. On your own, with out others interfering!)

Living with a Stuff Doer is sometimes difficult for unexpected reasons.

Sometimes we want to do our own stuff. For a Stuff Doer this is sometimes a hard situation to accept. It’s OK when it’s stuff that you’ve always done, like making sure food comes out of the unfinished kitchen or that Christmas happens, but when it’s something that they quite like the sound of (stained glass making)  it’s a whole new kettle of  fish.

This is when we other halves have to be careful as Stuff Doers have there own little tricks to get their own way and get in on the action.

Now, if they were sophisticated, as we other halves are, they would be more successful. Stuff Doers have no patience. If they had they would wait to be asked for help and not sneakily elbow in and start doing stuff whilst you’re doing more research (at Stuff Doers suggestion) into YOUR project.

The stained glass is MY baby. What was particularly annoying was that I’m not proud, I can and will ask for help (let’s face it this is about how I get stuff done).

Cutting Glass for a leaded glass window

Part way through cutting coloured glass for a leaded glass window

So we come to the stained glass, the amount of time we’ve had the stuff ( ie. Coloured glass, lead came, glass cutters etc.) needed to create the panels and why they re still not done.

Now, obviously the Stuff Doer has muscled in at some point and I was Bl***y furious! Not only took over, but posting it on his blog (His posts on stained leaded glass making start here). So we have a delay while I refuse to have anything further to do with MY project (sometimes we other halves have to be stubborn).

Where we are now. Obviously the project is back on as Stuff Doer has backed off (he’ll now be able to put up his practical postings (Andy: thanks dear) ) and we’ve started cutting the actual coloured glass. Notice the WE, I’m not selfish and I’m more than happy to let Stuff Doer do the fiddly bits as the “nipping” of the glass goes through me a bit!

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