Trike a Labour of Love and £20 Bet

By Andy the stuff doer

It’s getting close to being ready for the MSVA . This has been occupying my evenings for some time know. Ever since I finished the woodworking on the widows, maybe to the detriment of everything on the to do list. However it’s been keeping me sane and is my relaxation of an evening so I can’t knock it.

And besides I will win that £20 bet.

I will be covering the design and build of this cx500 motorcycle trike, not in great detail but hopefully answering a lot of questions I’ve had to grapple with along the way. Frame, tube bending, suspension, making mud guards, modify seat bases, re wiring, exhaust baffles, MSVA requirements etc.

For now a picture or two will have to do.

Trike build CX500 with suspension nearing completion

Trike with all the main components made ready (almost) for the first trials


Trike with suspension, rear view

Trike with suspension, rear view

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