Sliding Sash Windows – Breaking news Progress on windows.

By Wendy the Other Half

We have another Sliding Sash window fitted!

Now I’m sure there are other little nudges (more on those later) than my ramblings on my bit of the blog, but on Friday I was requested to start preparing for the insertion of another window. Well I wasn’t waiting to be asked twice, so, after finding masonry chisel, lump hammer and prise bars (eventually, that garage is like a labyrinth) I make a start.

I’m the daughter of a stuff doer. His particularly annoying trait was being overly thorough. eg. Use six nails when only two will do, or use a five inch nail when an inch and half tack will do. Problem, my Dad had put our present windows in and he obviously didn’t want them to fall out! This will cause Stuff Doer some problems as we want to keep the old windows as intact as possible as we want to use them in the tree house that’s being planned for the woods.

So what should have probably taken an hour or so, 3 hours later, after much cursing of aforementioned dad, the old boxing and beading had been removed and we were ready for the old casement window removing..

Obviously not the next day. There’s other stuff to do, like getting a load of logs in from the woods, but hey, I’ve waited two years since the last window was put in so I’ll go and do some manual work and help get stocked up for winter (he’s not getting an excuse to play, sorry work in the woods tomorrow as well).

Saturday Night and he’s made some final tweaks ready for the next day. Now we’d already found out on Friday night/ Saturday morning that what we thought was a black dust sheet acted more like a net curtain with light behind it, so we carefully went to bed in the pitch dark (we don’t want to upset the neighbours) to be rudely awakened by the sun next morning.

The day had dawned. Progress was finally going to be made. He’s took some photos of the sash window installation and I’m sure he’ll be putting it on his blog shortly.

 Maybe my ramblings are going to be useful to me too.

Sash windows taking up the front room

I can't complain, MUCH, even though the front room has been taken over, it is progress


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