How to use a Sash Pocket Chisel

By Andy the stuff doer

The main Article is the iDoStuff site  – Cutting Weight Pockets for Sliding Sash Windows, Double Hung Windows. So have a gander over there .

I’m really interested to hear what you think about Sash pocket cutting with a chisel?

or – How do you go about it?  Hand saw, Power saw, Cut out and make the cover from a new piece?

or – If you have different designs.  Is there a better design out there

Leave me your comments below. Thanks

P.S. If your wondering where I’m up to with the plans…..

Glue and clamping Sash window frame box

I’m getting closer – 5 now ready for painting

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  1. Hi just seen this article and i wanted to know if you are going to do some videos and pictures on making the sash windows, Any help would be appreciated as i am doing a carpentry and joinry course at college and making windows is something that i am very interested in

  2. Hi Ashley, Hope you are enjoying your course, it sounds like you are really keen. I won’t be putting together full “how too” videos like I did for the door but there will be a an illustrated and pictorial guide along with the plans. I might but some stills together in a video but it wont show all the special and unique details.

  3. Hello Andy,
    I have made an internal door using your External door videos and it worked out exceptionally well. The next job is sash window replacement so await your advice on these.
    The main reason for the contact is the router table you use. I have a similar model but find it has poor attributes that make it frustrating to use at times. The main problem is the depth of the cast iron table needing the use of extension bits along with the poor fence construction which although looks good does not line up. I use a 4×1 straight across to overcome this. Have you any thoughts/regrets on the tools you have bought?

  4. Fantastic, great to hear your door worked out well.
    It sound like you’ve had the same problem as I did with the router table. I try and avoid using the extension if I can get away with it, sometimes (I know its a bit naughty) not inserting the bits right up to the mark. I think a better quality extension might work out better, the one supplied with the table seems unbalanced. The fence is poor so I fitted similar to what you have. Ialso took the handles off the back and fitted some angle iron with extra tapped holes so I’ve got more adjustment away from the cutter. The NVR tripped out from new and i had to fix that as well. So the Record router table does have its problem but it is good and sturdy.
    Other tools, I did a review on the woodstar planer thicknesser, it’s on the idostuff website.

    Sash Windows. With the design having some novel solutions, I’m delaying pubilaction until a know if it’s worth getting any protection. Keep checking back to see if I’ve made any progress.

    All the best, Andy

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