Woodburning Stove, proving its self

By Andy the stuff doer

It’s a while since I wrote about our experience with our wood burning stove.  It seems topical at the moment as our normally moderate winter has taken an unexpected arctic turn.  Last night we went below minus 10 and for the first time in ages we got ice on the inside of our windows.

However during the day the 8kw wood burning stove is keeping us warm enough and stopping the gas central heating from switching on.  First thing in the morning the heating does come on but that’s down to us not wanting to get up early in a cold house.

So it’s doing what we want but it’s taking a lot of fuel. It won’t help that at moment most of what we are burning is larch, hardwoods would be more efficient.  Having said that it is “free” wood if I don’t count the felling, cutting and splitting, transporting and stacking that I have to do.

With the two feet of snow we’ve had, It was quite job refilling the stack by the back door from the big stock in my storage area.

Log pile, larch in the snow

digging through to the log pile, stove fuel

We’re still of the opinion “it’s worth it” . Hard work but effective and satisfying especially in this weather when I can sit in front of it, toasting my toes and sipping a JD.

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