Affiliate Advertising, What Next?

By Andy the stuff doer

Well to start with I need to pull my finger out. So far I’ve only place 1 advert – NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

I’ve been accepted for others but not done anything about it yet.  It’s time I had a serious think about the best way to proceed.  There are a few options.

1. Place the adverts carefully and leave them to it.

2. Design and write content to deliberately and shamelessly promote the advertisers.

3. Review various products, services giving an honest warts and all account of my experience.

Number 2 is not for me and not the impression I want folks to get from iDoStuff.  When I’m surfing for info I come across these kind of sites and immediately click off.

If I’m writing about something its going to be about my experience or based on my in depth research. I do have standards you know!

That leaves 1 and 3.  So suppliers and products I know, I’ll write about.  If I mention others it will in the context of,  “These might be worth a look at”.

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