A Childhood Dream Come True – Woodland

By Andy the stuff doer

We’ve gone out and bought ourselves a Wood!

The most common reaction to this news is WHAT?

Answer:  Just over 7 acres of woodland.  Close to where we live.

Followed by WHY?

Answer:  Think about it … did you ever what to have your own woods? 

It was only when I realised it is possible to buy a wood, that I remembered it as a fantasy from my childhood. Wendy felt the same way too. As it happened, she had just seen in the local paper,one was up for Auction!

In a bit of a dreamy state, I thought this is possible, we could do it. Then reality kicks in, it’s got to be financed, it’s got to be worth it.  Not just in pure financial terms (although the figures do add up) but we need to get lasting pleasure from it. 

Compared to a Mid-Life crisis kind of purchase, like a flashy sports car, I think it’s a great choice.  So that was it, decision made (After due diligence and all that.)

We love it and so do the kids. I just need to sort my time out so we can be there more often for the pure pleasure of it.

On top of that, I’ll have the logs for the wood burner. Timber for my woodworking and a host of other ideas that keep popping up.

Bee Keeping, Woodland crafts, Low Impact Living (28days per year), coppicing, mushroom growing, etc.  

Drop us a comment if you can add to the list.

I’ll keep posting what we’re up to, anything really informative I’ll put on the website.

In the mean time, this is something of what its all about:

Bluebells in the Wood

Click on the photo for more pictures

Get in touch or comment below if you fancy a print of any of the pictures.

Or if you want to know more about how buying a woodland happens.

7 Responses to “A Childhood Dream Come True – Woodland”

  1. really nice photos matey

    I don’t believe it Andy
    Well, …..
    Yes, …..
    I would love a wood too. Now I’m Jeajous. (Big smile)
    All of a sudden your Quality of Life is stepping up a gear.
    All I can manage is a few pence to the Woodland Trust each month.
    This is going to be interesting!
    Good snaps.

    I like your mates wooden bike good luck to him.
    Still no pics of the stained glass from Wendy?
    Be nice to see the drawings and ideas ;-{)

  3. Cheers Gordon,
    Just come back from the first night camping in the woods. Wow, absolutely fantastic. Earlier to bed next time I think, the dawn chorus isn’t something to sleep through.

    Nothing on the stained glass yet, I’ll have to start dropping more hints. Having a half finished door in the hallway isn’t working.


  4. Sr Jon Brodnax on January 4th, 2011 at 6:38 am

    Hello and Congratulations,
    The woodland is a good and wise purchase. I have found great satisfaction in owning land in several countries and of all descriptions. A gentleman once said to me “…they won’t be making more land anytime soon….” and to tie one self to such a place can bring great fulfillment. May you and your family find joy and togetherness in your wood.

  5. A belated congratulations on your purchase, just found your site.
    We are also keeping an eye out to purchase a plot of land, hopefully mixed woodland with pasture or the like, so we can also also harvest our own wood and maybe grow veg and keep hens and the likes in the clearing.

    Adding to what you mention above you’ll also have access to some nuts and barks for pot pourri, leaf mould for the garden if you grow your own, woodland flowers, ferns, mosses and lichens could provde dyes, there’s loads of reasons to own woodland. Do you have brambles growing, or edible nut bearing trees ?

    What wildlife do you encounter ?

    Good luck with it, and I’ll be watching for future developments :)

  6. Thanks Nigel, Yes we’ve got plenty of brambles, small but sweet fruit. No nut trees although chestnut planned for planting. A friend experienced at foraging has offered to help us out with fungi identification. We have badgers, hare, foxes, squirels providing food for buzzards.
    Yes there’s so many reasons for owning woodland and so much that you can do when you own one. I’ll be writing more as it happens, for now the cottage restoration is absorbing my time. Time spent in the woods at moment is a luxary I savour for pure relaxation.

    I’ve just had a quick look at your blog, there’s a lot of interesting stuff on there, well worth a good read sometime. You might be interested in some of the bits I’ve written about wood burning stoves.

    Keep in touch
    All the best

  7. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for taking a look at my blog. Yes I’ve been having a bit of a read around your site. You got plenty of interesting stuff going on I see, and we seem to have quite a bit in common by all accounts. Not just the stove and woodland (or aspiration for woodland ownership in my case), but I see you do property renovation and the likes, also interested in self development type things. Strangely enough we appear to have started our sites in the same year… and as with the woodland you were ahead of me there as well :)

    When the time comes for us to purchase…. which shouldn’t be too long now I hope (other half permitting of course), I may well consult with you on the “due dilligence” side of things if that’s OK. I’m keeping my eye on the auction sites and what have you, and there seems to be land coming on offer quite regularly, but sadly a little too far afield for us

    Keep chipping away mate

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