WordPress Theme – AdWords ready ?

By Andy the stuff doer

Oh Yes! Of course I want my WordPress theme to be AdWords and Widget ready. But hang-on what does it actually mean. 

Well, widget ready seems to mean widgets can be added to the side bar using a simple click and drag interface.  If it’s not “Widget Ready” widgets can still be added by adding code to the .PHP files.  The theme I’m using isn’t widget ready so, for now, I’ll leave the subject of widgets. When I’ve delved in to the .PHP I’ll come back to it.

AdWord Ready   – The theme I’ve got has AdWords already displayed. Always on the lefthand sidebar, on single posts there’s a box in actual text, on the home page there’s a “Link Unit” etc.  AdWords came up as soon as I activated the theme.

Something to change straight away. The AdSense Publisher ID used is the theme designers so any revenue will go straight to the designer not myself.  

A quick look at how the AdWords are included –

  1. Each AdWords position in the blog has its own .PHP file . These files includes the code that AdSense generates when you create an advert. For more about the code check out Google AdSense Note: AdWords is for advertisers, AdSense is for Publishers.
  2. PHP section files call up the AdSense PHP File
  3. The PHP page files then calls up the PHP section – you then have a page with AdWords displayed.

The AdWords are mentioned in the CSS stylesheet but only with the instruction to add a margin at the bottom.

For me to have my own AdSense adverts with revenue coming to me, I had two options.

1.  Just change the Publisher ID code in the AdSense .PHP files. The Adword format would not change but the revenue would come to me.

2. Create new adverts through AdSense to match my revised theme. The procedure in AdSense generates a few lines of code that can be copied and pasted in to the relevant AdSense .PHP  files.

I went for the second option and soon had it sorted. I just had to make sure the new Adverts where the same size as the old ones.

Now I’m at a stage where I’m happy, for now, with the look and function of the blog.  It’s time to get a few pages sorted on the Web Site.

2 Responses to “WordPress Theme – AdWords ready ?”

  1. I have been using Adwords for the last 2 years and i can only say that it increased my online sales by about 20%. The pay per click cost of Adwords is even cheaper than Adbrite. I love Adwords.

  2. Jacnettes,
    Thanks for that. As an Adsense publisher of Adwords I’m hoping the content I put up will be relevent to advertisers. I can see how it will work well for advertisers such as yourself as long as cost per click is low enough in relation to your conversions to sales. Coming from a traditional marketing background it’s fasinating to me.

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