Getting the right AdWords

By Andy the stuff doer

Now I’ve got a few pages of content up and a tiny trickle of traffic.

With some Traffic I should eventually get some Clicks on the AdWords BIG BUT…The Adverts that AdWords is putting up don’t relate directly to the content. So they are not relevant and won’t get clicks.

The content is about “Buying Timber” <view it here> so I thought I’d get adverts from timber suppliers. I’m getting more for timber windows and joinery companies.  I needed to figure out how the AdWords are targeted.

But first, I did a check to see if there are any relevant advertisers out there. I did some searching directly on Google and found there are a few.  These are the few I want to get next to my content.

So how does Google decide which adverts to put up?

It’s keyword based, with some kind of adjustment for the the value of adverts. By this I mean, if  Google and myself can make more per click using a less frequent Keyword, then that advert will come up first.

To try and get the right AdWords up I’ve done two things.

1.   Used Section Targeting

I’m getting adverts for timber windows. This must be been picked up from a navigation link to my Sliding Sash  Window Blog. I’ve now used section targeting so the AdWords robot will put more weight on the intended page content.

To do this Ive added the following to my page template in the HTML code (to modify all the pages)

<!– google_ad_section_start –>     This placed before the text

<!– google_ad_section_end –>    This is placed after the text

There is another command that can be used.

<!– google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) –>  I might add this in as well before the navigation menu

I also need to see if  I know need to but the start and end around the meta data in the header. To get that looked at.

2.  Tweaking Content

I’ve gone through the content and attempted to increase the Key-Word density. Concentrating on “Timber Merchant”.  This is tricky as I want the text to get clunky, to has to easily readable.

The crawler robots put more emphasis on Headings, bold text and italics. I’m going to have another sweep through and see what difference it makes.

So far there has been a slight improvement in the advert relevance but it’s not good enough yet. Google states it can take up to two weeks for the Section Targeting to take effect.  In the mean time I’ll keep tweaking but I’m going to need patience.

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