Getting some Traffic

By Andy the stuff doer

It’s OK having quality content but if no-one finds it then no-one will be clicking on the AdWords.

So far I’ve got a two pronged strategy.

First – Organic “Google” search traffic. I’ve read up about optimising pages to improve search.  I’ve done a bit of that. Including:

  • Giving the pages individual titles.
  • I’ve still got to add tags in to meta data. 
  • The Site-map has been and submitted to Google Webmaster
  • The text is written with consideration to possible Keywords
  • There’s a few inbound links already in place

Second – I’ll be changing my profiles on forums and spending some time chipping into threads when I’ve got something useful to contribute. I’m going to be looking for like minded folks where we share common interests and could share links. 

I’ve yet to get my head round feeds, twitter, facebook etc. but I’ll be getting around to it.

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