Affiliate Advertising

By Andy the stuff doer

This is where I’m starting to get serious. AdWords is one thing but if I can find the right advertisers with the right products I should be able earn good commissions on the introductions.

So, maybe a beginner at woodworking  will be looking for a supplier of tools and equipment. I have to find the right suppliers with the right offers and advertise them alongside my content.

To this end I’ve been looking at various Affiliate networks and I’ve signed up to a couple.

Note of Caution: The terms and conditions need a good read through. I spotted a point about an inactivity charge. If the adverts don’t work then after six months I’ll have to start paying the affiliate network a monthly charge.

However I have total confidence that this will work out well. There’s no point bothering otherwise. It gives me a stick as well as a carrot to make sure it works.

I’ll be doing some more research, picking some affiliate programs and adding them in.  With careful monitoring and adjustments planned I’ll be learning a lot as I proceed.

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